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Counselor Connection

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Welcome to the TCCHS Counselors page

Guidance counselors do so many things and provide such valuable information for a student who might be struggling with life choices. They can counsel students individually or sometimes in small groups. A guidance counselors job can range from leading a classroom discussion to administering placement tests. They also meet with students, parents, teachers, and other members of the school staff to discuss important issues. They also help students arrange their classroom schedules.

At the high school level, guidance counselors are concerned with educational and career guidance while they also focus on the personal development of the students. High school counselors help students choose school courses and activities that relate to their interests which will prepare them for life after high school. They also show students how to apply for college or for job-training programs. Counselors can provide information on almost any topic and then help a student put this information to use in choosing the best future career path. Whether it is college or job training programs, counselors provide information for students who want to continue their education. They also have information about entrance requirements, financial-aid programs, and entry-level job opportunities in the areas where they might be attending school. Sometimes counselors work in drug and alcohol abuse programs as well as in the programs for high school dropouts or teenage parents.

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