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About Talladega County Central High School

Talladega County Central High School is a great place for students to receive their education because students are empowered to build important leadership and academic skills that are essential now and for their future success.  As a staff we share a common philosophy: “Every student will have opportunities to be successful.”  We provide each student with opportunities to interact with challenging and meaningful experiences while teaching 21st Century skills that prepare students for college and career readiness. 

     “Professional Academy is now a tradition at TCCHS.”  Our desired outcome is for students to leave Talladega County Central High School with strong confidence, a high level of professionalism and performance, and the ability to be able to present ideas through speaking, writing, or with technology.  Every Thursday we have 100% participation in Professional Academy including our faculty who model the expectations we set for our students.  Our students have numerous opportunities to present and collaborate with each other.  Furthermore, we take this opportunity to introduce them to a variety of careers, educational opportunities, and our armed forces.  

     We have a strong Student Leadership Team at TCCHS that is growing.  Our plan this year is to put more students in leadership roles and give them more responsibilities.  We will have a Blue, Gold, & a Tiger Team who will help make decisions that are relevant to the student body, collaborate with the Student Government Association (SGA), and become historians of our school to introduce and teach our school’s heritage to visitors and friends.  

     At Talladega County Central High School we are “Big” on the 21st Century Technology Showcase that takes place each year in Childersburg.  Our Tech Team competes at high levels and has brought home several awards over the years.  We often have our Tech Team perform and open up at several events during the school year.  We are also proud to boast one of the best Black History Programs in our surrounding area.  The program includes singing, acting, speeches, dramatic dances, and technology displays of the history of African Americans.  All of our athletic programs are competitive and include high participation from our students.  Finally, the Talladega County Central Marching Tigers are well known throughout our county.  TCCHS band is called on to perform at several parades each year and we are definitely honored to provide service to our community.  We want to perform at High levels in everything we do!

TCCHS Mission Statement

We strive to motivate and prepare learners to become well-rounded productive members of society.

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