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TCCHS Dress Code

over 2 years ago

Grooming And Dress

The Talladega County Board of Education believes that acceptable grooming and dress are essential elements in the teaching and learning process.  Students are expected to dress in such a manner that will ensure health and safety and not distract from the learning environment.  Dress and personal appearance are not to be disruptive or interfere with the educational interest and welfare of the students or purpose of public school education.  Students will not wear any article of clothing or display any insignia or sign that shows disrespect for any person, creed, race, color, sex or nationality.  Parents/Guardians are expected to monitor students dress.  Students in violation of the dress code will be reported to the principal's office and subject to disciplinary action.


  • Solid color pullover or button-up shirt with a collar  - no writing or graphics other than 1"x1" logo or approved school logo

  • Solid pullover or button-up shirt with a collar.  Shirt logos must be small and unobtrusive - approximately the size of a quarter (1" x 1"). 

  • Sleeveless shirts or blouses are not permitted.

  • Undergarments should not show through the outer shirt.

  • Emblems, graphic designs or logos that show through the outer clothing are prohibited.

  • School logo shirts approved by the principal may be in school colors and can have larger logo than 1"x1".

  • School logo t-shirts are not permitted except on days designated by the principal.

  • Shirts and blouses must be tucked in pants.  However, administrators may use their discretion as whether to allow certain styles of shirts and blouses to remain un-tucked.



Khaki (no green or gray shades of khaki), dark navy, or black pants/skirts only - no writing or graphics other than small and unobtrusive pants label.

  • Pants must fit properly.  "Slacking" will not be tolerated. Pants worn too low, too long or excessively large are not permitted.

  • Pants must not be worn too long that drag the floor.

  • Pants that are clinging, tight-fitting or excessively large are not permitted.       

  • Overalls or bellbottoms are not permitted. Slight flare is acceptable.

  • No denim material is permitted regardless of color.

  • Large, baggy pant pockets, with excessive material, are not permitted.

  • Shorts, skirts, jumpers, and dresses should not be worn more than approximately three inches above the top of the knee.  (Dresses should have a collar and sleeves)

  • No sweatpants of any type; fleece or otherwise, are permitted.

  • No Leggings or exercise pants are to be worn as pants.  


Solid color black or brown only.  Must be solid color (solid trim is acceptable).

  • Belts are required.  Buckle cannot be larger than a driver's license. Belt must be appropriate length and fastened around the waist.


Closed-toed shoes must be worn.

  • Shoestrings must be tied and/or velcro fastened.

  • Students must wear appropriate shoes for physical education classes.

  • The following shoes are not permitted: cleated shoes, bedroom shoes, game day slippers, roller skate shoes, or shoes with sharp or protruding objects, e.g., spurs.   Shoes must not present a safety risk to students.

Sweaters And Indoor Jackets

  • Solid color, open front or pullover sweater, vest, sweatshirt.  Shirt with collar, turtleneck or mock turtleneck must be worn underneath pullover sweaters or sweatshirts.  Solid trim on collar or sleeve is acceptable.

  • Fleece jackets are acceptable.

  • Logos must be small and unobtrusive - approximately the size of a quarter (1" x 1").

  • School logo sweaters/jackets approved by principal may be in school colors and have larger logo.

  • May be worn in the school building.


Any color jacket or coat can be worn to school and placed in a locker or designated area. Only approved sweaters and jackets can be worn to class (Reference: Sweaters and Indoor Jackets). 

Other Dress Code Information

The principal may designate days during the school year in which students will be given the opportunity to wear other attire in adherence with the Talladega County Board of Education Dress Code K-12.

Students who transfer from other school districts will be given a period of five (5) school days to come into compliance with the dress code.

In addition to the above dress code requirements for Grades 4 -12, students must adhere to the school system's K-12 Grooming and Dress Code requirements.

By Quentin Lee