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Professional Academy Day

over 2 years ago

Professional Academy Day

Professional Academy Day attire will continue to be implemented in order for students to have a better understanding of the expectations for successful dress, presentation, confidence, and ability to present ideas in any professional environment.

Every Thursday at Talladega County Central High School will be considered Professional Academy Day.  All students will need a navy blazer or navy sweater vest to wear with a white shirt/blouse and khaki pants/skirt. All male students will be required to wear a necktie or bow tie.  The tie must be either blue or gold.  All male and female students must also wear appropriate shoes.  Tennis shoes will not be allowed by any student on Professional Academy Day.  Shoes worn must be either black or brown. Students will have until September 25, 2015 to find or purchase a blazer or vest.

Additional dress code information is included within the Talladega County School Student Responsibilities and Privileges.

By Quentin Lee